Jeni Elam

Jeni Elam has been working in the CSR & philanthropic space for ten years and has a passion for social businesses that empower people around the globe. Currently, Jeni is the Expansion Director for BoardReady, a not for profit that seeks to catapult board diversification through data, experience and network strategies.

Prior to joining BoardReady, Jeni was the Chief Strategist at UK Power Reserve where she led technology, data science, strategic planning, and marketing in London. In DC, Jeni served as a Director on the Partner Solutions team at Global Impact where she worked with Fortune 500 companies on developing CSR strategies and international non-profits on fundraising diversification planning and board development.

Jeni has worked in the United States, Tanzania, Zambia, Bangladesh, and the United Kingdom and currently serves on the board of Mary’s Place, an NGO that empowers homeless women, children and families to reclaim their lives.