Ann Canela

Ms. Ann Canela is Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director at Mountain Philanthropies leading the development and stewardship of relationships with grantees, investees and funding partners. Mountain Philanthropies is an initiative representing the diverse interests of its multiple funders that seek progress on a host of equity, social justice and sustainability issues.

Ann is deeply engaged in philanthropic initiatives that impact both people and the planet. She has built CSR programs for major multinational organizations, shaped the strategies of high end brands to engage with their communities and built the platforms and campaigns that have engaged millions of people worldwide.

Ann was Vice President at Philanthropy University focused leading all external relations including development, marketing and operations.  Prior she was Vice President at Global Impact where she led the diversification efforts launching new lines of business, products and services. Prior, she was Director, Marketing and Communications at Global Impact where she led the marketing for the Combined Federal Campaigns and fundraising communications for leading international charities. For many years, Ann owned and operated a boutique public relations agency in Chicago focused on creating partnerships with major retail brands and major metropolitan communities.

Ann is currently on multiple boards that focus on international development, women’s rights and civic participation.